In order to function optimally, Merkato is often linked to one or more other systems. This concerns for example ERP (for eg article information), CRM (customer information) and sometimes CAD (for automated creation of production documents).


Quootz provides connectors for almost all systems. For this we use our own standard modules. Depending on the version you use and any specific requirements, we can then make additional adjustments, so that you are guaranteed to receive an optimally working process.

This way of working offers you several advantages over a ERP or CRM "supplied" or "integrated" CPQ solution. You do not have to compromise. You can simply choose the best CPQ solution and also rely on our proven, yet somewhat flexible links.


Below this text, you will find a indication of realized links and integrations.

Onderstaande lijst is niet compleet, wegens belangen anders dan die van ons kunnen we niet alle integraties openbaren. Bovendien kunnen er altijd verschillen zijn ontstaan in de gebruikte versies. Staat uw systeem of versie er niet bij, neemt u dan vooral even in contact met ons op.

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