Quootz is the company that offers the best CPQ solutions. We offer a complete CPQ application that will optimise, facilitate and make your sales process more transparent. Do you also want a more efficient sales process? Then give your sellers the opportunity to sell faster, better and easier through one of our CPQ solutions. Want to know more about which solutions we offer? Feel free to contact us or view more on our website.

CPQ solutions: Configure, Price & Quote

Generate quotes faster, offer better sales options and convert to error-free orders. It doesn't matter if your sales take place through your own sales staff, channel partners or via online shops, with CPQ solutions (Configure, Price, & Quote) you can always transform your sales process in such a way that sales are faster, easier and more accurate. Here we distinguish the following:

  • Configure: Customer and supplier identify and agree the customer's requirements, the system immediately provides the right solution that is available and can even give further advice.
  • Calculate: fully automatic calculation of the technical and financial elements of the chosen options
  • Document: preparing the follow-up documents such as quotes and sales orders.

Our systems are fully automated, show all available possibilities and even give advice about the products identified by the customer's needs. After the perfect product has been specified for the customer, a calculation can be made instantly about the technical and financial results. After that, a quotation and a sales order can be generated.

A more efficient sales process!

With our software, your sales process is driven by the needs of the customer. This means you always link the right product to every customer and the subsequent steps can then be taken automatically. By using our CPQ Solutions you have almost no worries about how to complete the sales process and your sellers can do what they are paid for faster, namely close the orders!

More information?

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