Customer needs are becoming more extensive and complex. This results in longer, more complicated sales processes. The need for a good CPQ product has become an increasing requirement - perhaps with your organisation too. Because who wants to reinvent the wheel for every new sale? Choose the CPQ product from Quootz to make your sales process easier, more insightful, faster and more efficient. More information about our product? Feel free in contact with us now!

CPQ product: Configure, Price & Quote

Our systems present new possibilities and give advice, automatically based on your customer's needs. After the perfect product is designed for the customer, a calculation will be made immediately about the technical and financial requirements. After that, a quotation and finally a sales order can be generated. CPQ means:

  • Configure: Customer and supplier identify and agree the customer's requirements, the system immediately provides the right solution that is available and can even give further advice.
  • Calculate: fully automatic calculation of the technical and financial elements of the chosen options
  • Document: preparing the follow-up documents such as quotes and sales orders.

With our CPQ product you can prepare quotes faster, assemble the right product for the needs of the customer and fulfil error-free orders. It does not matter whether your sales take place via direct sales teams, product configurators, channel partners or your own online stores. Optimise your sales process with our CPQ product now.

And a fully optimised sales process?

Do you also want to provide your sales team with the best CPQ on the market and make all resources available to optimise your sales process? Do you want to see more results and sell more at the same time? Then get in contact today. With our quoting software, endless sales processes are a thing of the past and you can improve your sales results without any problems!

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